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Coincidentally, the Chelsea Academy effectiveness [Twitter] [Twitter], Oscar equally worthy of this role, especially after Mourinho's return to Stamford Bridge. At the time of joining the Blues last season, Oscar get Didier [microblogging] number 11th. When he said: "in Brazil, wearing the number 10th is everybody's dream, but I also understand the meaning of the 11th at the Chelsea. "At the time of Oscar, as if he had anticipated after 1 year. With Jose Mourinho's appointment, the Oscar substitute Matta, became the team's attacks. This season, Oscar, as well as representatives of the Blues 10 appearances and scored 4 goals, team up, new balance 1300 uk compared with Mata only played 7 times, yet to score. "The Academy as a 10th player, can bring our creativity, at the same time, when we need to pressure your opponent of time, Oskar is able to run, he's a player that has the ability to oppress. Chelsea hit back in the past, Matta has a very good power, handling the ball, very smart now is completely different. Our vision is always high-pressure football, right to take back the ball very fast, the key is the ball, patience, and to control the game, striving to do active, rather than passive. "This is the reason why Mourinho more value on Oscar. And if Mourinho saw Brazil's game, then he is Oscar's confidence will no doubt deepen step. Brazil team is similar to Chelsea is now trapped inability of Yu Feng (real player neimaer this list). Such a team, you need goals from midfield. And it's Oscar, often in teams aren't able to open the case, for our team goals. Similar to play in the national team and in Club, for the players is one of the lucky ones. Chelsea's role if Oscar can feel bring to next year's World Cup, and scored, then there is no doubt that he will make Brazil truly indispensable player. And Zambia's "bird's nest" the day before the battle, Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari said: "I pick is Brazil's best players. "However, perhaps only 1 day after," big Phil "to regret his words. And make him regret it cause, was once seen as Brazil rising star Pato. Trip to Korea's game than Scolari in today's starting rotation of 7 players in the list, Pato is one of them. From the position, Pato played is left wing. The 3rd minute, neimaer free kick hit the crossbar, but follow up shot Pato was too slow and the goalkeeper muwen hit the ball out of the danger zone in one hand. 6 minute, Elvis [microblogging] right broader shift, Pato followed up in place, cross knocked in the restricted area, but neimaer prohibited zone's shot on the line was blocked by each other. The 14 minute, Zambian goalkeeper muwen kick off not far from Pato after cut the ball downfield Middle Road, new balance 1400 uk straight-toe drop, but the ball out on the left column. 3 minutes later, Pato up front left by the other ball lightly and then Pato could have anti-robbing success, but face beside him break through the Zambian players, Pato, even a token stretch one's actions have nothing to do, in the end, Zambian team formed in the attack score, this is the audience for the first time in the doorway.

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Subsequently, Pato and neimaer transposition, the playing of the Center. On 18 minutes, neimaer to dribble into the area, after the bike cross knock road, but Pato failed to stop, the attack but nothing came of it. On 29 minutes, neimaer absolute certainty before the closed area after you get rid of the fake shooting, sent his ball just right to left, but Pato was in an offside position. 40 minute, Alves right cross, Pato got the point, but his header was too light, muwen ball easily confiscate it should be said that the 45-minute, 45 minutes for Pato is a failure. Winger, his poor positioning, and played Center, he was a good flick-on header, but shooting but it felt too bad. Therefore, after the start of the second half, Scolari ordered the Pato went back to the bench. It is clear that in the eyes of coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, now slumping Alexandre Pato, and has not served as right-hand man at neimaer side. Maybe people will recall, in early 2008, when Pato was first represented AC Milan [Twitter] appearances and score, the Brazil guy's scenery. After that for a long time, AC Milan and city rivals Inter Milan at that time, he even [Twitter] effectiveness comparable to Mario Balotelli. In early 2012, Paris Saint-Germain [Twitter] more whether he intends to pay an acquisition. However, the move ultimately fell through. Soon after, his left leg was seriously injured, but became a turning point in his career. Then he bade farewell to the rossoneri, with 15 million euros worth of transfer Brazil Corinthians in the country. While in Europe, especially the Giants team, worth 15 million euros is not conspicuous, new balance 373 uk but Brazil home, this price has stood out. Just 4 months after returning, Pato received about his criticism: "pressure on him from his high transfer fee, but football is not just about money ... ..." in June, after the game wasted 4 times, Corinthians fans finally, Pato blamed overwhelming. So far, Pato has represented Corinthians 48 appearances, scoring 15 goals, which has one-third of them in League scoring with low levels. AC Milan when, even though the final season and a half rate far less than before, he gives 150 appearances data scored 63 goals. That's right, Scolari give him a chance, new balance 3090 uk he is also working with Australia's game score, but it was just a matter of icing on the cake. In front of the Zambian team after spending 45 minutes also unhelpful, even Scolari couldn't.

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Today's game in the second half and gave Pato a close-up camera lens. Storage and beard of Pato, her eyes looked erratic. Maybe he was trying to recall his era as famous as Mario Balotelli, but now, he and the God is no longer the players on the same level. Six months ago, with Corinthians teammate Paulinho, new balance 574 uk has reached the Premier League [Twitter] field, and steady access to the national team's starting line-up, while his own then? Next month, he can sit in the Brazil team's Bench, right? Maybe this, Pato to consider. 15th National Stadium bird's nest in Beijing held an international a-match, five-star Brazil 2-0 beat Zambia. In the post-match press conference, Brazil coach Scolari said: "the team played better than the first half of the second half, neimaer and his team get along well, I don't think that Brazil currently has any problems, 11 World Cup warm-up match we've won 10 games, in the future, may be enrolled in some new blood. Scolari said: "today's match, players play a more normal. Play better than the first half of the second half. Current Brazil team played 11 international matches, 10 games won lost only one, our team is on the right track. In the future, may be enrolled in some fresh blood. "Why Brazil changed three players at the outset of the second half? Scolari said, "has been replaced by people in order to remain viable and offensive, no one played poorly. All Brazil team, left-leaning, right hook to make it controversial, but I think Beck, no problem, our attack and defense are more balanced. Neimaer and team-mates get along well, he has a great personality. "The 15th National Stadium bird's nest in Beijing was an international a-match, five-star Brazil 2-0 beat his team. At the post-match News Conference, Zambia's acting coach-Med, said: "this game the players play very well, our overall objective of the counter-attack, neimaer is an excellent player, but Brazil all players have threatened. First half and Brazil met strong resistance and defensive tenacity Zambia to secure the goal of losing, this Mei er said: "Organization of African football disciplinary not everyone addicted to playing enjoyment. But this game, I want all people to make good overall defense very well, our goal is to concede, that means potential scoring opportunities. "Chinese fans this game more did you hear it for Zambia, the African guests also very touched, Novo Meier said:" new balance 420 uk thanks to Chinese audience supported the Zambian team, we felt very good, for us to play for this was my dream. "Zambia's Manager said:" I would encourage more Zambian players playing abroad, Carling made rapid progress in China. Today the Zambian team has a player playing in the local League, which is still in the village a few days before the ball, but today at the bird's nest and the Brazil team play, as you can imagine, this is what it feels like. "The 2014 World Cup South American zone qualifier 17th Matchday a focus of War Memorial Stadium fight, Argentina home 3:1 victory over Peru, Pizarro head-start, lavisch the plum blossoms BL go-ahead, Palacio into a ball.

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Macy's due to injury sidelined ryung wearing the captain's armband. The 13 minute, Aguero restricted crossing on the left side, small closed area to the right of the header clear Palacio confiscated by the penny. On 19 minutes, dimaliya 25-yard free kick shot was blocked off by the wall. Peru 21 minute lead, Gambetta left zhichuan, Romero, are trying to pisaluoda Bayern Munich forward picked shoots outside the closed area in the upper left corner. [Click here to watch goal videos] Argentina 23rd minute equalizer, dimaliya corner, Federico Fernandes small restricted area header penny barely flapping, lavisch closer into the corner. new balance 576 uk [Click here to watch goal videos] 28th minutes, Biglia 25-yard blast was saved by penny. On 34 minutes, Hu Taduo ball right out of Rojo, Ramirez first time shots of the restricted area arc edge slightly higher. Argentina 35th minute go-ahead score, dimaliya pass, Palacio closed areas near the line on the right side, and edge shovel shoots lavisch small closed area, 2-1. [Click here to watch goal videos] 38th minute dimaliya zhichuan, Aguero, single pole around the goalkeeper into the House, were cancel for offside. On 47 minutes, Aguero play, Rojo cross from the left side, Palacio poke shoots at close range, 3-1. [Click here to watch goal videos] Aguero Hand ball penalty yellow card. The 55 minute, lavisch restricted crossing on the left side, Palacio alone shoveling Miss jinjiao. On 57 minutes, lavisch breakthrough zhichuan ryung restricted picked small angle shot hit to the right on the beam. The 62 minute, Aguero restricted areas small angle on the right angle. On 67 minutes, Aguero uprooting by Gambetta to the right the restricted area, but the referee denied a penalty. On 69 minutes, Ramirez shot to the left of the restricted area was confiscated by Romero. Argentina complete control of the game situation, Lameira replaced Palacio appeared. After 87 minutes, Aguero, 25-yard free kick to shoot higher. Lavisch Maxi Rodriguez subsequently change. The 91 minute, Leandro Somoza replaced dimaliya, Aguero took over the captain's armband. Argentina lineup (4-3-3): 1-Romero; 4-Zabaleta, 2-Garaix, 17-Federico-Fernandez, 3-Rojo; 7-ryung, 5-Biglia, 19-hydroxy-plus; 22-lavisch (87',11-Maxi Rodriguez), 18-Palacio (81',9-Lameira), 10-aguiluolunbiya home 3:3 against Chile. [Click here to watch video highlights] Chile 29 minutes before a 3-goal lead, Dal penalty hit, Sanchez, the plum blossoms BL the Barcelona winger, new balance 577 uk but Carmona the 66th minute after he was sent off for the reversal, Colombia into a 3-ball equalized, Gutierrez first into a ball and Falcao twice shot in the penalty shootout. Colombia 5 at home winning streak was ended, but still qualifying for outlet. Local time in Genthin, 15th), 18th match day in 2014 World Cup South American zone qualifier in Montevideo the century of a focused campaign fight over a stadium, Argentina away game against Uruguay.

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As far back as last season, Jiangsu, Wu Nan and Yang Li [Twitter] because the Club, not satisfied with the treatment, did not sign with the team, both also missed the entire season's CBA League last season.new balance 620 uk After the end of the games, Yang Li and Jiangsu signed contracts, received treatment in Jiangsu team. But Wu Nan is still not satisfied with the terms of the Jiangsu team, because Wu Nan and the Jiangsu team also have a one-year contract, don't let go of the Jiangsu team, Wu Nan cannot move, so he was not destined to miss the new CBA season. Wu Nan was born on August 10, 1989, the 1.96-meter, the functional small forward. As a young player for Jiangsu men's basketball team, he has shown his strength in the CBA League, especially in the all-star Slam Dunk contest 2009, Wu Nan won in the all-star slam dunk King. Jiangsu, according to media reports, as early as before the start of last season, Wu Nan used to submit a transfer request to the Club, but the Club was not willing to release Wu Nan, then went off the sky-high fee of 10 million, completely blocking his way. But Wu Nan did not give in, he chose to refuse to play for Jiangsu to protest their treatment are slim. In the past year, Wu Nan in the League during his training, maintain state, during this period of time, he can only receive 1400 month base salary from the Jiangsu team. People did not expect is that during this period of time, Wu Nan and not neglect his basketball career, he was still my own training very hard, plus games followed for some time with the team before practice, Wu Nan did a very good job on the games, He field are 15.5 points 2.5 a rebounds 1.8 times assists 0.7 times steals of data, is he of excellent play, team in playoffs stage success beat Beijing team, help team killed into has four strong according to Wu Nan himself of revealed, Jiangsu team this year to he made of treatment is monthly tax Qian 13,000 yuan, got hand monthly 10,000 yuan about, also Jiangsu team to out each field game 4000-6000 Yuan of won ball bonus, but Wu Nan think such of contracts still and himself of worth difference is far, so he select has refused to for Jiangsu team battle. Wu Nan says his agreements with the Jiangsu team are due within one year, Jiangsu Sports Bureau does not block his transfer, new balance 595 uk so that he can become a free agent next summer, at its option, wanted to join the team. But to pay the price, he still does not appear in the new season in the CBA on the field, and in the following year still paid 1400 dollars a month from the Club. Wu Nan said: "this time next year I will choose where you want to play, of course, if the Jiangsu team to be able to give a proper contract, I still want to play for the Jiangsu team. "All finished, in yesterday's round of 79-82 no match for the Chinese Taipei team will resist China's Olympic champions, inner core Sun Tong Lin [microblogging] collapsed in the distal 3 minutes left and then have not come out, after the game Sun Tong Lin Tong man tweets said of his injury was not serious, fans, please rest assured.

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